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Hi, my name is Feenie and I'm Kanekisexual


Male Reader-Inserts
385 deviations
I can see you through the curtains of my window across my house

“And then we won! I totally showed Tobio-chan that I'm better than him!”

With that Oikawa ended his rant about the last match they had against Karasuno with a slight squeal; your lips parted slightly, a soft chuckled followed which made the brunette grin even more.

“Seems like you enjoyed yourself, huh?”

He nodded eagerly, eyes gleaming with happiness and excitement, which was still left from the game – only thinking about it made the adrenaline rush once again through his veins, pumped its way through the heart only to repeat the procedure over and over again.

“Yeah! It was so close but of course we won! I mean we are amazing!”

He grinned, puffed his chest out with a wide smile, the tongue slightly sticking out from a corner of his tightly shut lips – slightly chapped but still enjoyable to kiss – and the thumb of his balled fist directed towards him, making you chuckle and shake your head slightly.

“Where is Iwaizumi when I need him?”

You watched how he gasped in shock, the lips slightly parted and the eyes widened.

“Why would you call Iwa-chan?! I didn't do anything wrong!”

With every word that slipped past his lips, your chuckles began to become louder and louder until you broke out into a laughing fit.
Your laughter sent down small shivers of the setter's spine, making his face flush slightly, ever, ever so slightly with a soft red; so slightly that you weren't able to see it in the dark room.

“So he can get you of your high horse, o grand volleyball king.”

You heard how he screeched slightly in protest; the eyes closed, the head slightly titled back with the mouth open as the sounds of protest left his throat. Your laughter slowy died down into a chuckle again, seeing how he had calmed down again a little, looking at you with a faked hurt expression, the mouth formed into a pout and the eyebrows lowered.

“Iwa-chan would only interrupted our alone time– beside that, I'm not scared of him at all!”

His facial expression soon changed back into a bright smile with wide open eyes, which gleamed with their noisette hue; so bright and happy that made yourself feel giddy– in a good way.
Your heart skipped a beat at his sad look while he spoke during the alone time part.
It was true, you both had barely time for each other so you would enjoy every moment that you got together.

“I guess you're right.”

You gave a soft sigh but smiled nonetheless, making the heart in Oikawa's chest beat slightly higher while his cheeks were tinted with a slight red, the dry and chapped lips tightly clamped together as the lower half of his face switch upward into a happy smile as he gave a tiny screech of glee.

“Awww, you're so cute, [Nickname]-chan!”

A slight blush settled down on your cheeks as you heard him coo, the eyes of yours automatically averted their attention to the ground while your idiotic boyfriend continued to rant about your adorableness with a grin that widened with every passing second, which showed that he clearly enjoyed the flustered state that he had put you in.
While his remarks seemed to be teasing and having a second meaning his eyes showed you another story: They gleamed and shined with adoration as the words rolled of his tongue with this temerity that made Iwaizumi's blood boil in a matter of seconds.
You found that it was rather cute than annoying, it was just Oikawa himself who was annoying from time to time.
He just meant it well, you knew that.

“You're such a sweet-talker, Tooru, god.”

You grinned slightly as he whined at your choice of words and gave you his 'kicked puppy' look, which made you only laugh. Instead of reaction hurt or defensive, he rubbed the back of his brown mop of hair and winked at you with his tongue pointing out of the corner of his mouth.
You both continued to talk until it was past midnight, making you both nearly yawn in sync.

“We should head to bed, Tooru. You have practice tomorrow, remember?”

He nodded with slight sluggishness, rubbed on closed eye with his fist in attempt to get rid of the drowsiness that was waving over him. But then Tooru shook his head, saying that he didn't want to go to sleep just yet.

“I don't want to sleep yet. I barely have time to talk to my dear [Nickname]-chan.”

He gave a childish pout, watched how you moved your head softly from left to right with a sigh, watched how a small smile was displayed on your lips, watched you yawned, watched how your mouth moved with the tiny laugh that escaped our throat.
Tooru absorbed this moment; he knew that he had to sleep soon so he tried his best to focus on you and only you for the last minutes and seconds.

“I know. I feel the same but we don't want Iwaizumi to get angry at you, don't we?”

Oikawa whined loudly, already feeling the pain in his skulls that he would feel if he would make Iwaizumi angry again. He sighed in defeat, knowing that you were right and gave you a sorrowful smile; the eyes no longer bright but slightly clouded with sadness.

“Guess you're right.”

You smiled brightly – one of those toothy ones that Oikawa oh adored so much – and the brunette returned it.

“See? Good night, Tooru. Sleep well and don't dream too kinky stuff. I love you.”

He chuckled in return but it quieted down quickly, his gaze fell down; so sad, so heavy, so lonely sounded the sigh that followed suit as he realised that your both's time was up again.

“You too, [Nickname]-chan. I love you so much~ I just wish to see you soon again, I miss you.”

He mumbled, saw how you gave him a sad look before telling him the same as well, which quickly vanished as you told him that you would be over during the next holidays before once again saying that you loved him.
Tooru watched how the window closed after you had ended the call, the screen flattered as it closed and showed the regular Skype window.
He sat there for at least good 20 minutes, just staring at the screen of his computer.

The holidays weren't enough.
He wanted to have you there the whole time, to hug you, kiss you or just being near you.
He wanted your presence, your aura and the rich scent of yours; he could never get tired of those.

He smiled slightly, smirked and then grinned; grinned so much and happily that his cheeks began to hurt.

He still hadn't told you about his plan about going to an university in your city that you had moved to with your family several months ago.

Oikawa Tooru sat there in front of his computer, the face being poorly illuminated by its screen's never ending streaming light, in a mix of feelings between excitement and sadness.

This distance that was slowly killing him would soon end.

He hoped and knew with all his mind that it would.

But still you are miles away
Distance || Oikawa Tooru x Reader [Present]
//Oikawa Tooru x Male!/Fem!/Gender neutral!Reader //



I'm so late, I didn't really have any real muse lately and yeah-

My fanfiction aren't the fluffiest lately as well-

But it's realistic. I like realistic stuff.
I hope you like it as well :icongrosssobplz:

I also hope you can relax, even though school must be stressing you out.
Just wait and come back when you feel like it, dear. There is no need to force yourself to do stuff that you don't want to do ♥

Thanks for reading anyway:iconkindsmileplz:

Picture, not mine, here => Pixiv

Story/ Plot © KatelinLikesFeenie

 © Yourself

Oikawa Tooru 
© Haikyuu!!

 © Haruichi Furudate

[HQ!!] Hinata sketch - Winter days by KatelinLikesFeenie
[HQ!!] Hinata sketch - Winter days
EDIT 1 - 10/23/2014: Changed the cup, it irked me

I had such bad headache today, I swear, I couldn't write anything.
I've been in drawing mood lately but since it's been a while that I've drawn something my skills are slightly rusty, I'm sorry if it sucks xD
No, this is not his shoulder, it's his scarf.

Author-san wanted to show their kouhais that their more than just a writer.

Practicing hands and Hinata's Hair.
I drew this bby for the first time :iconomgcryplz:
I would've imagined his hair to be more difficult to draw tbh.
But when you study it a little, it's easy.
I'm not pleased with the hands but whatev.
I miss the winter. I could have winter the whole year, I hate summer :iconsawbplz:
So have a freezing Hinata who tries to warm himself up with a cup of coffee to go :>

May or may not make it digital.

Sketch © KatelinLikesFeenie

Hinata Shouyou 
© Haruichi Furudate

 © Haruichi Furudate

See how this madness started =>
EDIT 1 10.23.14 18:44: Their account got deleted, so are the stories of course. I'm glad that everything's fine again ; v ;

So, people on Quotev have messaged me that someone has stolen my Torn story.
I asked them to take it down but apparently they don't really care about it, they just said ''I'm sorry'' and that's it.
And it also seems that they also stole from other people as well; mainly Male!Reader-Inserts
They didn't claim it as theirs but it still is not okay to just take others work and publish it without getting the permission-

Since they don't bug to take it down, do you mind reporting the story? =>…

And check out their profile, they might have something from your work as well.

Sorry for bugging you and thank you for taking your time to read this.
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