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Current fandoms I'm doing:

:bulletgreen: Haikyuu!!
:bulletgreen: Tokyo Ghoul/ Kushu
:bulletgreen: DRAMAtical Murder
:bulletgreen: Free! [Eternal Summer]


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Slot 1: Seme!Male!Reader x Ryugazaki Rei for Tsuukiyomi

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

Greetings, summoner.

You may call me senpai. Or Feeniecchi.
Or Feenie(cchi)-senpai, that works as well.
I try not to overdo my page cuz too fancy pages are ugly :iconteyuplz:

I am the definition of being lazy.
Really, I was born this way.
I'm even too lazy to reread my stuff but to stingy to let others beta-read it before I upload it.

I love video games and love it to write and draw.
One day I will open up a bakery and be a published writer! ;;A;;

My writing skills in my first language are thrice as good as in English.
No kidding! c:

I love splatter, gore and violence.
And sport, drama and comedy xD

Call me crazy, I sleep up to 4 hours a day.
I'm at night more productive than at daytime.

And never forget: Your senpai loves you! :>

Hiyah, guys. Feenie-senpai here!

So, I wanted to tell you something after the first week of my new school.
First of all: My timetable is rad. Simple wicked shit.
All my classes are set in the morning I only have two times until 8th period.
Which means, I have more free time and am able to come only via my laptop instead of my phone.
Speaking of which, I have a crack in the display now thanks to my English teacher.
She wanted us to bring a stone. Yes, a stone. I ran bc I nearly missed the bus and both were in my bag and yeah-
She wanted us to tell why we brought this stone with us. Jfc, you asked us to bring that fucker with us!
We were talking about stones for whole 90 minutes and wrote about over our stone as if it was alive.
I like creative writing but really? Stones?
The next English lesson wasn't any better. We were reading about stones. I'm in 11th grade and we're talking about stones.
The fuck is wrong if my teacher I don't understand.
I found people to hang out during classes.
I'm more talkative around people that I entirely don't know. It's a good thing that me and my old classmates got separated.
All my female teachers are so awkward and strange.
All my male teacher are so chilled and cool, I have them in the subject that I usually hate, wtf-

Anyway, yeah. Everything okay so far.

And now to the tag:

Got tagged by skyrimwolf11

#1 you must post these rules
#2 each person has to state ten facts about themselves
#3 answer ten questions the person who tagged you asked and make up ten of your own for people you tag
#4 choose ten people and put their icon on your journal, ok?! I do what I want, biatch
#5 and this isn't one of those things where you go "you are tagged if you read this " cause that is just lazy, you must actually tag somebody alright?! I do what I want, biatch
#6 and finally you can't say you don't tag, you get tagged, you do it or I will find you, and I will kill you. Here we go! I do what I want, biatch

1. I get aggression when I see someone favorite or comment on my Hetalia fanfictions, like, real aggression. It simply riles me, I could punch people when I see this. I dunno why, tho.
2. I'm Kanekisexual
3. As well Aobasexual
4. And even Sasori- and Sasukesexual
My OTP Is Mizuki x Aoba and Hideyoshi x Kaneki because they are meant to be, I mean it.
What do you mean Mizuki doesn't have his own route.
I want to meet another nerd at school so we can talk about nerdy stuff.
I have relationships with strangers that I only see once in the bus or school in my head.
My PS3 is my bby
I call him Johnny


1. Are you awesome?
- Please direct this question to my watchers. I don't want to look narcissistic 

2. Do you like the outdoors or inside?
- Indoors bc idk 

3. Do you ever hike? because I did today..
- The answer from above gives everything away

4.What is your fave color?
- Black

5. What are the best animes ever in your eyes. if you watch them.
- Uuuuuh, good animes would be Dna and HQ!!
  Tokyo Ghoul as well if there wouldn't be this censoring and slightly fucked up timeline
  Hunter x Hunter ((Watched the old series not the new animated one yet))
  Hikaru no Go bc Hikaru and his black/blond hair, hnnng-

6. How many siblings do you have?
- 2 

7. What do you think of me?
- You seem to be a nice person. I think I know you from my Hetalia days!

8. If you watch Hetalia, then do you agree I am awesomer then Prussia
- I'm sorry to disappoint you but no one is 'awesomer' than Prussia but me. oops, i said it

9. If you could be any anime character who would you be
- Like a canon one or my own?

10. Don you like videogames?
- Yeah, got myself a new one just yesterday:

hai dere, xXChocoMelkGirlXx ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

But when I saw this last night while playing, I lost it:

  • Mood: Adoration
  • Listening to: Unravel [e-CH0]
  • Reading: Last chapter of TG //gross sobbing
  • Watching: Tokyo Ghoul
  • Playing: DMMd
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Water

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