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June 8, 2013
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       3. Abandoned me

With searching glances you looked around in the hallway, you sighed in the end.
Gilbert was nowhere to find, it looked like he was staying at home for today. Well, you couldn't blame him at all after such a night.
Still questions were taking their rounds in your head:
How long was this going on now? How could the young Prussian handle this?
Your decision was definite! You'll get these information, no matter how and how long it'll take!

“Arthur...?” Your voice was was nothing more than a whisper when you walked into the library and looked after a certain Brit, your head appeared between miscellaneous bookshelves and disappeared as quickly as it came.
In the end you stopped by English literature and instantly spotted your target. A facepalm followed.

Why hadn't you looked there from the very begin?!

Tiptoeing steps were tried to be taking as you stalked up to him and finally tapped him on the should, a flinch from your British friend followed after that.
“Bloody hell, if it's you Alfred then- Oh, hello there [Name]. Is there something you need, love?” The Brit with the strange eyebrows was known for his temper and the hatred for his brother Alfred, it didn't surprised you at all.
You'd hate your brother too, if he would humiliate you at home and school. Just because Arthur dressed himself more mature in his free time, had a much more elected ton in front of ladies and his eyebrows much more /coarser/ than others, which really wasn't his fault, these were no reason to bully his own brother!
It made you sick! Family ties, don't make you laugh!

“But first of all: Sit down, love. How are you today?” Smiling because of the fact that Arthur loved smalltalk, you answered him of course with a “I'm fine, thank you for your concern. And how are you? ” and chatted with him a bit about anything and everything until you two get onto the actual subject.
Hastily you told him about your observations and asked if he would now something.
“I'm afraid, I'm not very known with this all. I only know, that Gilbert was once very good friends with the French frog and the tomato loving Spaniard but goes since the 5th grade separated ways.”

So, so... The French and the Spaniard, huh? Immediately, you noted it down in your imaginary notebook in your mind.
“Ask optimally Feliks, he knows the best if it's about gossip stuff, much more than I”, he continued, whereupon you jumped out of your seat, knocked the chair down in a noisy way and got a hissing “Pssssssh!” and a death glare from the librarian.
Thanking him over thousand times, and ignoring the woman, you dashed out of the library and ran as fast as you could to the girls' restroom.


Just like expected, a cross-dressing Pole was standing in front of a mirror in the restroom and looked like he was just waiting for someone to talk to.
Because as you stood a few meters away from the door, a hopeless Toris was got tugged in, who escaped after a few seconds again.
“Oh mai gawd, [Name]! It's, like, totally fantastic to see you, gurl!”, you already were greeted as the Pole's eyes caught your presence and involved you into a hug.
“I kinda, like, totally heard that you wanted to ask me something?” His dark green eyes gleamed out of joy and curiosity and you really asked yourself, from where the fuck he knew this!

Never underestimate this Pole, I say.

With a eagerminded nod you asked your question anew addressed to Feliks, who changed his thinking position only after some seconds, thus; an arm under his chest and the index finger from the other hand resting on his chin.
“Well, Gil had always a, like, totally hard time! Even when he was a kid others weren't allowed to play with him because of his looks. There was a time when I wanted to play with him but my mama totally pulled me away and I thereupon only, but maaama~, and she just looked at me with a death glare, thereupon I, like, totally got angry at her, too and-”
“Gawd, Feliks!”, you cut him of midway through his rant and hold you now hurting head.
This boy could maybe talk!
If you hadn't interrupted him, you would be standing til the next morning or he surly would drag you with him to his home force you to sleep over.
“Oops, I'm, like, totally sorry~”
And you, like, totally didn't believe him a single word.
“So, where was I? Ah yeah, the old days...!”

“I bet your mummy slept with another man!”, one of the boys started to mock as they planted themfelf in front of the young albino and talked about, how he didn't like his parents at all. Gilbert stood up as big as he could and looked at them with pure anger.
“I bet, that he got adopted?!”
“Or comes from another planet?! I mean look! You have red eyes! No normal human got eyes like that, you freak!”
The fists of the red eyed boy shook out of rage and his teeth crunched, with quaking shoulders his glare got more hateful with every passing second.

How could they dare to persist something like that?!

Sei leise![1]” he yelled loud, seized one of them by the collar and knocked him down within a second by giving him a right.
It didn't take long and the two rolled, punching, scratching and biting, like fury on the floor, tried to hurt the other one.
Abruptly Gilbert got pulled away, was now hold by the other boys and just as he thought he'd got beat up, two figures built up in front of him.

“Five against one is not very nice, mis amigos!”
“I must agree with Toni~ Why don't you listen to votre grand frère Francis and stop being such barbarians, oui?”

Gilbert barely could believe his eyes.
The unknown boys at his age began to persuade the others to leave him alone.
“But the freak started, not me!”
“That doesn't matter, mon ami. Or should I tell ton maman that you were fighting again~?”
“And I don't think that she'd like this!”, nodded the green eyes boy in agreement and raised his forefinger.
“N-No, don't tell my mummy!”

And not even a single second after his words he disappeared with the rest of the boys, the albino starred after them in disbelief and turned his gaze towards his saviors.
“Everything alright, amigo?”, the boy with the Spanish accent asked him and shook hands with the white-silver haired as the named boy nodded and shook it hesitantly.
“I'm zhe awesome Gilbert and you?”
“I'm Antonio and this is Francis. Do you wanna be our friend?”

“So, he really was friends with these two perverts...”, you pointed you loudly and Feliks nodded in eager.
“Uh-huh, till the 5th grade, then they, like, totally left him alone and stuff like that!” A frown made its way on your face and your eyes narrowed a bit.
“And... what exactly happened?”, your pressed more and more on and leaned, just like the Pole, against one of the sinks.
“I can, like, totally remember everything perfectly~”

With put on headphones walked Gilbert, the song's the melody whistling, to the school gate to wait for his best friends Francis an Antonio. He was for weeks now in the 5th grade with those two, thus the summer vacations were sadly and he was still in a good mood.
Okay, he disliked school, who doesn't dislike school, but since he knew the both was everything better, admittedly he still got ragged but not so often and if it really happened, he could defend himself

The problem was just: They were on a new school; new school = new pupils; new pupils = humans, who didn't know him and Humans, who didn't knew him = prejudices.

Sighing he leaned against the stonewall behind him and looked around.
Students walked past him and gave him strange side glances as if something was wrong with him; Gilbert just looked into another direction and got absorbed in his own thoughts.

Francis and Antonio wanted him to be there earlier than usual because they wanted to say something, the Prussian didn't really listen back than and only filtered out a “It's important”.
Mentally he hoped that it wasn't something bad.

About one year ago his mother died  by giving Ludwig's birth – actually one thought that something like that couldn't happen these days but they got disabused – and didn't anyone a single syllables, his ego forbid him it literally  because he didn't want any pity, something like this disgusted him.
Suddenly someone tipped him on the shoulder. With a Mh? he turned around and spotted his two friends, which looked... more than just serious? Or more dashed to the ground?

Gilbert couldn't make out the fail expression and the grin in his face quickly faded away as well.
“Hey, guys?”, he questioned more than greeting and grinned slightly to loosen up the atmosphere, which wasn't helping at all. Antonio breathed deeply in and out, his gaze, which was directed on the stony ground before fell on the teenager in front of him.

“Well, Gil... We wanna make it short...” His voice died more and more down and he glanced with his green eyes anew away, nervous he played around with fingers, meanwhile the French beside him did the same with a lock of his wavy hair.
“We don't want to be friends with you anymore!”, it blurted suddenly out of Francis and he clapped his hands rapidly over his mouth, the eyes of everyone present widened.
For a long time silence was ruling, no one moved a single muscle and the two tried to escaped the gaze of the red eyed in front of
“T-That's a j-joke, right?”, concerned, a slow shake of the head followed and they turned around, faced him their backs and started you walk away in a slow manner.

Gilbert didn't want to believe it.... Not his own and one and only friends, no!

“Schön, wie ihr meint, euch brauch ich nicht! [2]”, he yelled furiously after them, engaged glances from others and gave them, who looked at him in a strange way, the middle finger.

He turned on heels and started to run away from the school.
'Just away from here', he thought and anger melted into sadness, his steps got faster and faster, stomping, weightless, yet it felt like tons of weight was resting on his legs.
Hot tears streamed out of his eyes and fell withal down his reddened cheeks

                Every awesome human cries in one's life,

     not because he's weak, it's because that he was strong for too long.

Your fist hit loudly the sink, so that one could think the you split it in two.
“Those damned bastards!” Your voice echoed trough the girls' restroom and probably also through the hallway, madly you clenched your fist even more.
“I know, right? Kinda, like, totally sucks, right?”, said the Pole, who rested his head on his hand supported his body on the sink.
“Not just kinda! Thrust me, when I get this hustler in my fucking finger, I'm gonna single-handed rip out their ba-”

“One can see, that you're, like, totally not from here~”, interrupted Feliks your rant laughing and you looked at him dumbfounded, a little Eh? escaped you and the anger from before vanished totally.
“I mean, a gurl from here would never ever talk so 'hard' like this and your free time clothes? Like, totally unfashionable~”, he criticized,  scrunched his nose a bit ans fanned   with his hand the whole time.
“Are you doing stalking in your free time or so?” Your gaze laid shell-shocked on the boy beside you, who talked impatient further as if you never said a single thing: “We should, like, totally, go shopping together sometime, then I'm gonna style you from head to toe! Do you know, what happened to me the other day? I was-”

Aaand you disappeared out of the toilette and just left a cloud of dust after you.


Not even a single moment after you left the toilette you got intervept again from no other than Alfred F. Jones, who liked to claim the F in his name as the word fucking and was popular at school like none other.
“Say, dudette”, the American started beside you and put an arm around your shoulder.
“Why're you so interested in this Gilbert-guy?” His blue eyes sparkled behind his glasses and were clear as the ocean of the Caribbean [3], meanwhile his forehead was graced with a musing frown.
“What business is it of yours, Jones?” In your voice weighed mistrust and wariness.
“D'aww, dudette! Why are you always so cold to me?” He let go of your shoulder and pouted, while you just stopped walking in the middle of the hallway and looked to the ground, your fists clenched anew.
“Dude-... ette?” Alfred slowly walked in front of you and looked at you unsure.

“Why I'm so cold to you, you're asking?” Your forefinger poked his chest as hard as it could again and again, while everything started to bluster out of you.
“Because you suck, that's why! You are mobbing others, which is not, I repeat, not okay!  You are bulling your own brother, which is also not right, drag me away from Gilbert, my fucking friend who you're also fucking bulling, and you are playing the one and the cool Jones to be one of the popular bitches!”

Your voice raised till the limit and meanwhile you had Alfred captured against a wall, who looked more than just frightened.
Man, were you scaring the shit out of him right now!
“B-But-”, he wanted to start stuttering to explain himself but you cut him off.
“No ''but's''!” You seized him by the collar of his uniform and looked at him dead and deep in the eyes. “You're disgusting me”, you hissed and stormed away, leaving a teenager alone and staring after you while speaking to himself: “Am I... really that bad...?”
“Indeed you are” Even thought the Brit didn't tame himself if it was about saying his own opinion and walked with a stack of books, which were about magic, past the American.


Only after you dashed out of the building you noticed that you were just running through the whole building and had skipped all your classes. Sighing you abandoned the thought and   headed to the supermarket to buy something to eat and other stuff.

With bulging bags you walked out of the market when the automatic doors opened, the complete stuff wasn't for your brother this time, it was for Gilbert.
Because as you were at his this certain night and had bandaged him, something like fear of physical contact as a known thing to you,
you became hungry – to be honest, you were just curious – and had looked around a bit in the kitchen in other room.
Since you thought that it could deserve more fullness you decided to take care of the supplies on your own. And because you were hungry, veeeery hungry
With a [flavor]-flavored lollipop you headed towards Gilbert's apartment and had to think about, how you had yelled at the American today. A small grin made its way free on your face.

Actually you weren't that bad to others but he just brought you to a white heat with his ''dudette'' and his ''happy-go-lucky'' aura, besides your strawberry week [4] just started not long time ago, mhmm! He wasn't a bad guy, far from it, it's just this need-to-be-popular image which made him so /ugly/

Cheerfully you placed the grocery bags on the ground and pressed the doorbell button, with the feet swaying to and fro you waited for the door to finally get opened. As you heard the pitter-patter of little feet, you titled your head slightly to the side because you couldn't imagine that Gilbert had such small feet!
When the door opened there was no one on sight, so your gaze slid down very slowly and you noticed the cutest thing you'd ever seen.

A small boy was standing there with big ice blue eyes, which were starring at you with curiosity as he, just like you, titled his head to the side. After a few minutes of silent starring you waved him a small “Hi”, which he returned automatically.
Gott, you wanted to hear him fucking talk!
His voice was probably as cute as he was and you really tried hard to suppress your fangirl-squealing.
“Err, I-I'm searching Gilbert, i-is he at home?”, you stuttered and smiled, meanwhile the small man begand to think and looked slightly to the floor.
“Ja, he is in his room...” To your surprise he sounded so mature and calm, still it didn't withhold you to swing him into your arms and to squeal “Ohmaigawdyou'resofrickingadorable” to yourself over and over again, while his face was resting between your boobs.


The face of the teenager was literally screaming out of boredom as he laid in his bed and starred at the ceiling of his room.
[Name] Had promised him to stop by but wasn't here yet. Sighing he curled up and turned his body to the left like a Tuna-role  before he closed his eyes.
Last night he barely had any sleep, which is why he was laying exhausted in bed and didn't want to stand up
At the very moment when he thought, that he finally founded some peace, he heard... squealing?
Confused he picked himself up, from curiosity driven, and walked down the hallway with slurping steps, only to see how his little brother got pressed between a pair of boobs

“Looks like you already met Luddy”, you heard Gilbert's voice coming out of the apartment and looked up, Ludwig still pressed against your body, only to get greeted by the amused grinning albino.
“Why didn't you tell me that you have a little brother! God, he's so cute...!”, you let go of him and rumpled up his fluffy blonde hair, while he just stood there with pink cheeks and clenched the hem of his shirt, the blue orbs directed to the floor.
“Kesesese~ Looks like someone likes you!”, your friend laughed and run his fingers as well through the blonde locks.
“Also, [Name], das ist Ludwig mein kleiner Bruder, Ludwig, das ist [Name] eine gute Freundin von mir. [5]”

His heart fluttered when a spoke these words and smiled withal at his brother.
Not an arrogant, egoistical or sly smile, but a happy and featherlight smile, which caused your heart to beat faster.
Suddenly Gilbert eyes caught the huge grocery bags each one to your left and right, following his gaze you started to grin.
“I brought a little bit to eat with me”, you scratched the back of your head and he raised amused an eyebrow, while starting to grin yet again.
Helping you with bringing the bags inside he placed them down in the kitchen and thank you with is usual ego, yet he thought that it was rather strange, what you understood under the synonym /a little bit/.

“A little bit?”, he asked and blushing a bit you started to warlbe away: “I'm hungry, okay? Y'know, when a girl becomes a woman, then-”
“Gaah! I don't even want to hear it!” He hold shut his ear with his palm while you just talked further and got drown by his loud Blablabla, can't hear ya!. Before you knew you he involved you into the sleeper hold and began to rub his fist on your head, which of course would cause your hair to look shit afterwards.
Laughing you tried to get out of his strong grip, completely in vain.

“What's happening to a girl when she becomes a woman?”

Blushing you both stopped in your movements, looked slowly up and saw a small German, who looked at you with big innocent and curious eyes.

            Yo, pops. It's me, Gilbert!

    How's it going with you and Mutti?

    Hopefully she doesn't fuck up to much shit up there~
    I'm and Luddy doing well, I try my best to keep him safe and to look after him.
    I've meet someone new, her name is [Name] and she just moved her awhile ago,    
    different to many others she's nice to me.

    She's really awesome, not as awesome as zhe awesome Me, and is really different.      
    She says, that she comes from ''different'' backgrounds,
    which I don't don't really understand.

        I'm not lonely anymore.

    She even said that we're friends, isn't that awesome?!

    But it's really not what you surely think!
       Surely Mama would now crack one of her I-can't-wait-to-see-my-grandchildren patters, kesesese~

    I-I'm glad that I met her and Luddy likes her too,
    he even calls her 'Schwester~'!
    You sure would like her, if you'd meet her....

      Me and Luddy are missing you and Mutti
       but I still stay strong and awesome!

               Till next week, ja?

With a smile on the lips and the hands in the pockets he left the graveyard, leaving behind  flowers on the grave of his father.
[1] – Sei leise! → Be quiet! / Shut up!

[2] – Schön, wie ihr meint, euch brauch ich nicht! → Fine, whatever, I don't need you!

[3] – Does totally NOT sound like a certain movie! XD

[4] – I don't know if same goes to you guys, but in Hesse, or in the part where I live, we call the period simple Erdbeerwoche, it sounds much less gross than the usual stuff how we call it.
So, remember = Erdbeerwoche → Strawberry week → Period

[5] – Also, [Name], das ist Ludwig mein kleiner Bruder, Ludwig, das ist [Name], eine gute Freundin von mir. → Well, [Name] this is Ludwig my little brother, Ludwig, this is [Name], a good friend of mine.


This story will not be continued. Please do NOT ask me do to so.


How's it going, guys~?

After I saw how many people had still/ found interested after this short pause, I decided you give you the next chapter as a present~
I hope you liked it :meow:

The grammar should be much better now, that's for sure! Still, ignore any kind of mistake, I barely reread it, y'know ^^"
Also, I'd be done quicker but I needed to do the whole house chore... AGAIN :stare:

And didn't I say that the chapters're getting longer and longer? XD Hope you don't mind it~ ^^"

:iconamericarapefaceplz::iconsaysplz:I hate you so much, Kate...
:iconkatelinlikesfeenie::iconsaysplz:Pff, stahp it~ Y'know, you luv me :iconohstopityouplz: And btw, you're not that bad!
:iconamericawthfaceplz::iconsaysplz:Nooo, not at all. I'm just the fuckin' bastard, who bullies others ಠ_ಠ
:iconhawtprussiaplz::iconsaysplz:Just suck it up, Al! And you really suck, man~ Kesesese~
:iconenglandgiggleplz::iconsaysplz:You heard that, America? Pff, you suck more than the frog's hygiene knowledge~!
:iconlaughingprussiaplz::iconsaysplz: Kesesese~! U-SUK!


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Chapter 6-? => You can think of it by yourself, I suppose

This fanfiction contains many many feels and a super hardcore cute Child!Germany!
Just saying, dudes and dudettes!

Gonna eat my pizza from the fucking Italian now, I'm hungary :iconyayromanoplz:
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