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May 23, 2013
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Finally work for today was done!
Your legs felt so heavy as you walked the last steps up to the house, you were sharing with four other men and you just realized how much your feet hurt when you lastly reached the front door.

Sighing you searched around in your pocket and fished out your keys, a cute Gilbird keychain moved hanging down back and forth. Smiling you placed it on your open palm and admired it with a soft gaze while brushing your fingertips over it.
You got this little toy from no one other than Gilbert Beilschmidt, the huge ass playboy albino boy. Who would've thought that?
Well, most people don't now it but beside his weakness for cute things and kind of dorky personality, he had a very soft side somewhere deep inside, veeery deep.

Anyway, he was one of the few men who lived with you in this house and was really... Umm, rather really one of a kind. But you could deal with him, in fact you fell in love with him and his cocky grin.
But how it happened and when, and for god's sake why, would probably be always a mystery for you and the whole world.

Seriously, you couldn't understand how he made your heart go doki doki, he was such a player and so arrogant, something you usually hated like there was no tomorrow.
Maybe the fact that you've seen the real Gilbert for once was the deciding reason?

Chuckling at yourself you turned around the key and unlocked the door without much trouble. You step into the hallway and slipped out of your shoes, kicked them not really caring into a random corner somewhere in nowhere and hung up your light jacket next.
Finally out of the whole stuff you walked down the corridor, your now bare feet – who needs socks? – left a tapping noise on the dark parquet floor.

“Hello, I'm home!”, you raised your voice a bit, yet not really much, and waited for responds but you just stood there in silence, nothing was heard. Your brow furrowed and after a while you decided to leave it be, even if usually someone was at home at this time and greeted you with a friendly and warm hug, mostly Feliciano because Gilbert didn't gave everyone his awesome hugs and was mostly at work at this time, Ludwig would just pat your head if you wouldn't hug him first and Kiku... well, we better not start talking about that. He's a special patient, who was just doing Feli's hug-therapy.
A sigh escaped your lips when you dragged yourself up the stairs and felt like you would die any minute. You wouldn't be surprised you if you're going to end up crawling up the stairs like this one 'lovely' lady from Juon the Grudge.

Finally you made it to the top and regretted with every second more and more not to had join Ludwig's training because you felt as if you had just finished a marathon.
You were tired as fuck– Oh, how you longed to lay down on your beloved bed now and to sleep like a stone!
“Oh, my husband... Honey, I've missed you so much...”, you purred to the bed as you opened your bedroom door and were about to enter but a noise caught your attention.

A moan?

Turning around you tried to make out from where the strange sound came, curiosity took over your mind and your senses directed you to the Prussian's door. Unsure you placed your palm on the wooden, yet soft feeling door and collected yourself.
Do you really wanted to go in there? What if Gilbert would come home right now in this moment and saw you in his room?
Your thoughts got interrupted when you heard again a louder moan followed by a soft sounding “Ngh, [Name]...”, which caused you to blush in a terrible deep shade of red.
Your hands started to shake and sweat.

Wait... If this was Gilbert's room then...
“Holy shit...”, you breathed out voiceless when your brain finally got the message and blushed even more as your hand found its way to the doorhandle and just waited for you to push open the separating item.
Gulping down the created ocean of saliva in your mouth you pushed down the handle slowly and soundless as possible, to big was your fear to make a single sound. Both of your eyes fell shut, tightly you pressed your eyelids together and tried to gain again some courage to open at least one of them.

“Ugh... Gott, [Name]...!” Aaand your attention was caught again.
Sneaking a peak you reopened one eye again and saw a certain Prussian male laying in his bed on his back, working overalls and boxer down to his ankles, one hand clutching the fabric of the elegant gray bedsheet and the other stimulating his proudly standing member while groaning your name now and then because of the imagining pleasure you were giving him.

Speechless you just stood there and couldn't help yourself but stare at his male part in awe.
Gosh, you always knew that he was talking about his awesome '5 meters' and that his dick obviously was not that long, but Jesus Christ, that thing was huger than you'd imagined!
Not that you had done such a thing, of course not you!
... Okay, yeah you had done it before but only just a few times!
... Okay, okay, maybe more but that doesn't matter right now!

'Should I, umm, get his attention...?', you asked yourself in thoughts and sneaked with light steps furthur into his room.
The way he erotically groaned your name made the middle between your legs heat up.
“Err, Gilbert...?”, you cleared your throat and coughed into your fist while putting the other arms shyly behind your back and gazing down to the floor.

Said young male flinched surprised and snapped open his ruby-red eyes, his hands grabbed the unmade black blanket to cover up his vital regions and starred at you with a with shame flushed head.
“W-Was zur Hölle machst du hier?![1]”, he shrieked with an unmanly voice before he added:
“E-Es ist nicht s-so wie's aussieht! [2]”
Still not meeting his gaze you started while playing with your fingers and with clear discomfort in your voice: “W-Well, I c-came home and wanted t-to go to my room but I k-kinda heard you and, w-well, umm... ICANLENDYOUAHANDIFYOUWANNA-!”
As soon as these words left your mouth you clasped both of your hands over it to finally shut yourself up.
The both of you blushed furiously in an unbelievable shade of tomatoes and cherries in the middle of summer and pregnant silence settled down in the room.

'Dafuq is wrong with me?! I would never offer such things! Why am I acting so strange? Just why?!', you began to argue with yourself and tried to hide your face under your bangs, not daring to look at the albino who was starring at you in disbelief.

“W-Well, if you want to. Although it would be awesome...”, the mechanic mumbled embarrassed and turned his head slightly away, feeling ashamed of sounding not like his normal awesome self at the moment.
Nervous you walked over and twirled a lock of yours around a finger, your knees felt like jelly, so wobbly and unsteady when you took another step.
Sitting down on the mattress you first kept your eyes straight on the parquet floor, respectively on the gray sheets when you slowly crawled over to Gilbert, who was eying every single movement of yours.

Suddenly you felt how slender fingers brushed through your smooth hair before resting on your cheek, causing you to look up and you met the still reddened face of your friend, who gave you a sheepish grin to encourage you.
Returning it with a shy smile you let your eyes drop down to his still standing penis, which wasn't afraid to show its full and prideful length.

Reaching out you brushed with your fingertips over the sensitive skin, gently up and down and tried to memorize every single detail with a timid expression on your face.
This little single and short touch gave him a whole new feeling, overwhelming him, claiming his senses with pleasure and caused his breath to go quicker and him to bit his bottom lip to muffle his probably incoming moans.

You were amazed how soft and hard it felt at the same time.
A smile played with the corner of your lips when you noticed what kind of effect you had on the Prussian and got the guts to grab his member with one hand, of course still shy.
Gilbert's face twitched at the time when your dainty hand started to move up and down in a reserved way, made him mentally beg for even more but he kept his mouth shut and continued to bit his lip.

But there was no way he'll beg for your touch!

Your hand started to move a bit faster and finally elicited an eagerly longed moan from him, made your face turn into an even more redder shade – of guess what color – and the felling in your womanhood hotter, yet proudness was swelling in your chest for making him react this way.
It made you wanting even more.

“Kgh, fuck...!”, he groaned under his breath and tossed his head back into his pillow in pleasure as you again picked up some pace and pumped up and down.

It felt good to be the one who pleased him this way, not some random chick he could've picked up at a bar, pub or club, only you and it made you happy as fuck.

“Oh Gott, [Name]...!” The loud moan made its way out of his throat and echoed through the room, you felt how the cozy feeling in your stomach grew even more with every erotically sound of his.

His hands were clutching already the bedsheets under him with such a force that his knuckles grew more paler than they usually were.
Gosh, every single pump made him wanting more, so he bucked his hips to trust against your fast moving hand and joined your rhythm with joy.
Oh, how much he wanted to touch you, to make you feel like in heaven but right now he couldn't think straight; all he wanted was more of this incredible feeling that you were giving him.

Of course the awesome Prussian had his limits too.
As you, curious as you were, bent down with your head to give his member's glans a short but effective lick, his head squirmed from the left to the right and it drove him even more crazy than he already was.
He wanted to cum so badly it hurt, so overwhelming was the desire of feeling the release.

After you nibbled and licked down the shaft of his penis in a soft but still teasing manner and started to pump again while rubbing your thumb over the glans, he couldn't hold back and finally came with a loud groan, his semen spattered your used hand and just slightly your face.
Eying the white substance you sat up and after thinking about it, you gave it a try and lick a bit from your hand.

“Not that bad”, you said more to yourself than him and continued with dealing with the said part of your body, while Gilbert slowly caught his breath again and watched how you moved your skilled tongue over and between your fingers, this little show took some time.

And his awesome friend was standing again!

Not even waiting a second after gaining his strength again, he pushed himself up by his elbows, took the back of your head with on hand and pulled you closer to him, crashed his pale slim lips on yours and moved against them, movements full of passion and lust, yet there was a feeling that was stronger than those, much caring and warmer. It made you feel so secure.

Flipping the position he still kissed your lips and was now hovering over you –  still panting slightly –, his hands were placed one each side beside your head as he broke the connection and locked his shining red eyes with your gleaming [e/c] ones, emotions of affection and desire were held in those breathtaking orbs.

“[Name]”, he whispered your name as he leant closer again, tips of the noses just barely touching and his thumb whipped away the left cum from your cheek.
“W-Well, y'know... I... I lo-! Nah, fuck...”, he stuttered and blushed embarrassed again in a soft pink, his eyes traveled to the side and the white teeth of his were clenched in frustration. Waiting you starred at him with big prying eyes, which made you even more cuter to look at, in Gilbert's opinion.
“[Name] I-I wanted to say this not in a situation like this cuz you maybe won't believe me and it's not the best time aber-... I-Ich, Ich liebe dich!”
He crashed his surprising soft lips anew onto yours, not even trying to hear your respond in fear of being rejected and tasted his cum again, but he couldn't care less.

With widen eyes you lay there, shocked like you've never been in your whole life before and felt how the albino nibbled and sucked on your bottom lip, thus asking you for admission with his slick and mellow pink muscle.
Your eyes fell close as you gave in and parted your lips only just a little bit.

It would be boring without little teases, right?

Grinning against your lips he pushed his skilled tongue roughly into your mouth and nudge yours slightly to join him for a dance, which resembled a hot and passionate tango between two lovers with a deep burning love for their partner.
After a while he let go of your wrists and supported himself again by placing his palms on the mattress and you took this chance to wrap your arms around his neck, pulled him even closer to you with a now titled head and deepened the kiss.
Within a short time this, at the begin innocent, kiss turned into a full mind-blowing French kiss, the saliva dripped not caring down the corner of your both mouths and created a wet and sloppy sound now and then.

Panting like mad you two broke slowly away from each other, a string of salivary juice still connected you and he didn't even waste the time to twirl it around his finger, then took it in is mouth and sucked it with joy.
You watched him with lustful eyes and involved him once again into a incredible and indescribable tongue fight.

While kissing you further his hands traveled down to the hem of your top and slowly creeped under it, his roughen fingertips danced over the newly discovered delicate skin here and there, his cold hands gave you small goosebumps, but stopped abruptly when he found your waist and began to massage the comfy place elatedly. Your breath quickened.
He longed for that one sound from your mouth, a sign of pure ecstasy that only he could give you and he wanted to hear it.
Eagerly he broke the kiss and planted a kiss after another on your cheekbone down the jawline to your collarbone, you shuddered under every single touch of his.

A smirk plastered now his features and he bit into your collarbone teasingly, nibble on the sentient skin, sucked here and there till he stopped at that one spot and finally got his so desired sound; you moaned loudly and tangled our hands in his nearly white blond locks.
He'll surely leave a few hickeys but you didn't mind, actually it would be nice to be 'marked' as his.

Back to his hands, he took them out of the shirt, tugged now begging on its hem and showed you that he wanted it off.
Nodding with a sheepish smile you felt his hands on your skin again but this time he had grabbed and jammed the fabric between his curled thumbs and let only his palms caress your body.
You raised your arms and he pulled the material impatiently over your head, thus of your body, and rubbed hungrily his nether regions against yours, got you both to moan in sync from.

You bucked your hips against his while traveling down to his chest and not even asked for permission, when you ripped his black wife beater from his body and threw it into a forgotten corner.

Smiling you took your time to eye his whole body.
He was neither skinny nor a bodybuilder, everything was well-built, muscle on the right place, his crest locked more than attractive, his member over the mean size but what were you talking, he was a masterpiece in general!

Rubbing your hands up and down his stately chest and planting kisses near his collarbone, you drew a few soft moans out of his mouth as he played with the button of your pants, teasingly opened and closed it again while fiddling around a bit.
Nodding again and again you gave him a go ahead, you wanted this thing off already!
The burning and teasing feeling between your thighs was barely bearable!

Slowly he tugged them down and you gave him a wince, obviously unpleased but he just enjoyed your state, being so dependent on him.
After a while, which felt like an hour for you, your pants were gone and left you only in your lingerie. Blushing deep and looking to the side shyly when he looked over your whole body and appreciated the almost naked beauty in front of him.
“Gilbert...”, you spoke breathlessly as he took your still cupped breast in both of his hands and started to kneading those in gentle circular motion, bent down and kissed you fiery, slipping his tongue into your wet cavern right away.

Still he didn't stop rubbing against your vital regions and it made you insane to feel the tip of his member on your clothed regions but having not really physical contact in this area.
His smooth lips trailed kisses on the visible skin of your breast while still massaging them, earning soft sounding moan after moan from you and his hands found their way to your back, fiddled lightly with the claps of your bra and showed you that he wanted it off as well, but still was polite to ask your okay.
Nodding again you closed your eye tightly but saw the happy grin on his lips as he heard the clicking sound of the unhooking clothing and your arms automatically flung around your upper body to cover your now exposed boobs, pressing them together and made him wanting to touch these divine bosoms even more.

“Lass mich gucken, bitte. I won't judge you, lieb' dich, Liebling [3]”, he rubbed his pale and elegant hands over your arms, just a slight brushing left a burning feeling and made your mind even more clouded than before.
You blushed brighter and gave him a sheepish nod, slowly you freed your upper body again and let your arms fall limply beside your body.
Embarrassed you looked to the side before shutting them tightly and clutched onto the bedsheets, while his eyes gleamed in joy and a soft blush covered his milky white cheeks.

Still he hadn't heard those sweet three words from you, which would proof him that you loved him too, but he could wait, you'll scream his name and probably how much you loved him sooner or later anyway.

Smirking widely Gilbert bent down after admiring the beauty underneath him and kissed down the valley of your breast, meanwhile both of his hands were cupping the soft flesh and continued with giving you a passionate message.
Your moans were getting louder and louder as his lips found their way to one of your nipples and sucked and teased it with his wet tongue hungrily, one thumb and forefinger of his rubbed and pinched the other one in a slow manner.

“A-Ah~!”, it thundered with shaking voice through the room in pleasure. Pressing your head into the pillow you tangled your hands through his soft hair once again and pressed him harder to your chest to show him that you wanted more.
Noticed your need he decided to play a bit further and trailed with his now unused hand down your belly, drawing small circles now and then while finding its way to the elastic band of your already soaked panties, hocked it between his curled finger, only to tug on it, then let go and made you shriek in surprise as you felt the slapping elastic on your skin.

“Kesese~ You're so cute!” He just couldn't hold back his snicker when he saw your perplexed, yet flushed face and prodded the tip of his nose against yours before giving it a quick peck and suddenly disappeared by going down with his body.
You raised your head and were about to respond a rather tsundere-like comment but stopped yourself as Gilbert lifted your leg via your ankle, parted your legs and kissed the already named ankle softly when he saw the horrid expression on your face.

You knew things were getting serious from now on, there was no turning back but there was no single way you would wanted to anyway!

Gilbert gave you a lovely grin, as he rested your leg on his shoulder, and slowly kissed his way up to you inner thighs.
Being such a tease he was, he licked with his tongue's tip further to your womanhood, then took his leave back again and tickled the soft skin with his hot and also heavier breath.
Again his fingers brushed the place over your still covering panties and you just couldn't take it anymore. It was just too much!
“G-Gil, please stop teasing me~!”

You gave a loud groan as his fingers rubbed your clothed entrance and the albino was proud of himself how wet you and also the fabric were; of course he grinned exactly proud at this.
“Teasing? Ich? Pff, you must be mistaking, dear; the awesome Me doesn't tease at all!” You clearly heard the enjoyment in his tone.

Of course the mechanic wanted to tease his lover, also known as you, more but he couldn't handle the burning desire in his nether regions, his limb was throbbing like mad, so he just pulled the damped clothing aside, went straight to your swelled clit and flicked it with his pink muscle.
“God, Gil~bert!”

Your voice was music to his ears, so amazing and beautiful like no other and made his member even more begging for your 'awesome' body.

Drawing circles around the bundle of nerves and slipped 'accidentally' down into your dripping southern mouth, the red-eyed male looked up, saw your half-lifted eyes and an adoring blush gracing whole face, while he tried to memorize your delicious taste.
“Ng- Ah~! Gil!” You were a moaning mess underneath him and he enjoyed every single second of it, so needy, pleadingly with a flushed face and panting, moaning his name every so often, fist clutched tightly on the sheets and chest raising like there was no tomorrow.
His tongue twisted and twirled inside of you and squirming was your respond, meeting his trusts with your hips to get more of this incredible little thing.

Reaching your end you trusted faster against him, joining his rhythm and grabbed handful of his hair to push his face even more down, not getting enough of his skills.
“N-Naah! I-I'm go-gonna c-”, you cut off yourself with a high-pitched scream of ecstasy, arched your back and threw your head into the cushion as much as you could.
Like a small kitten the Prussian male lapped up your juices like the tastiest treat someone could get. He slowly lifted his head and starred at you with lust dazed eyes, while licking the rest of your cum from the area near his mouth.

Crawling back on top of you he pulled you into a heated dance of your tongues, let you taste your own cum and ripped of the last piece of clothes from your body. He slipped his hand between your legs and rubbed your clitoris with his middle finger, not even thought about letting you catch your breath again. You broke the kiss because you needed some air, leaned your head against his shoulder and gave a shameless loud moan.
Meanwhile your hands were resting on his chest and teased his perked nipples with your fingers, made him groan in progress, then traveled down to his slightly ripped abs and followed the muscle lines.

You felt his hot breath against your neck quicken as you reached his member once more. You were about to grip it – or him – again but got stopped by two hands, which pinned your wrists above your head again, and winced in not approval. A dark chuckle was heard.

“I'm sorry, Liebling. I understand that you want to touch my awesome 5 meters but I want you so badly, I can't take it anymore”, he breathed against your neck, sending shivers down your spine but sat up to look down at you.
His red orbs flew over every inch – centimeter or whatever you want to call it – and held admiration for your body.
He just loved you, for him you were the most beautiful human being someone could've ever seen, a living goddess on earth's ground.

A soft smile tugged on the corner of his mouth when he moved back to your pink colored face and pecked your lips softly, causing you also to smile.
Spreading your legs even more he stopped and locked at you musing.

“Do you really want this? We can stop if you wanna, I won't force you or something like that. I don't want to hurt you, ich liebe dich”, he stated asking with worry in his deep voice, furrowed his brow and caressed your cheek.
Your eyes began to water when you heard his words.

Who could've thought that Gilbert Beilschmidt was loving and caring in bed?

Nodding you pulled him into a short but flaming kiss before you spoke: “Don't worry, I want to have my first time with no one else but you”, you confessed and wrapping your arms around his strong neck.
“I love you so much, Gilbert.”
His face lit up like a 5 years old on Christmas and his, so loved by you, grin spread on his face before he started to laugh happily.
“I knew it! Gott, took you long enough, Dummchen! [4]” He nuzzled his face against yours and you could've sworn that he was about to cry, but you decided to tease him about it later.
“Nah, just shut up, Dummchen”, you said giggling and he involved you into a hot and sloppy kiss again, still grinning he poked your entrance with his member and made you shudder.

“You know... that, umm, I'm a virgin, too...”, he admitted embarrassed into the kiss and you couldn't help but stare at him in disbelief.
“Well... That was unexpected...!”, you said still perplexed but nudged his nose with yours as you saw that he felt hurt in his ego. “But I don't mind. It has something romantic, don't you think so?”

Yet you were surprised; THE Gilbert Beilschmidt, the chick magnet and playboy in general, still a virgin?!

“So, bereit? [5]”, he asked and interlaced his hand with yours, the other one supported him per holding your waist. Nodding again you shut your eyes tightly and felt how he pushed his large member into you.
A sharp scream ringed through the room. The hymen was ripped, leaving only the nearly unbearable pain and the right now uncomfortable feeling penis of Gilbert.

Tears fell down your cheeks, only to get kissed away by the albino's lips as he whispered sweet nothings in German over and over again, tried to reduce the pain.
“Say when you're ready, ja?” His voice was full of concern and softness that you could melt right away, it even helped you not to focus so much on the piercing pain.

You were such a lucky girl, having such a kind lover, even boyfriend, did you knew this? You surely did.

After some time the hurting feeling vanished, maybe even turned into a pleasureful sensation, which made you buck your hips hungrily against his and you both moaned in progress.
Taking this hint he happily started to trust into you, he enjoyed every single centimeter of your inner walls that were brushing against his thick member.

God, you felt so fucking good!
So tight like he has never imagined you to be, so dripping wet and warm was your core, his cock felt so good everytime when he pulled him back and trusted once again into your divine womanhood.

“Fuck, [Name]! Y-You're so fucking t-tight and-ngh...!”, he moaned louder than before, meanwhile you were already on cloud nine.
You moaned like there was no tomorrow, threw your head from the right to the left and bucked your hips to join his rhythm in hope, to get more of his awesome 5 meters.

Not able to hold himself back he began to pound into you in an unbelievable pace, growling in pleasure he lifted one leg of yours over his shoulder and got a better angle.
“G-Gilbert! M-More, I-I want more!”, you shameless screamed and begged without thinking before he French kissed you again, letting the saliva carelessly drip down your both chins.
Speeding up his trusts, he flung your other leg over his shoulder, gripped tightly on your waist and pounded into your core like mad.

You just couldn't stop yourself; screaming and yelling his name again and again like a broken tape of a cassette recorder was the best and greatest thing you could do right now, something different wasn't in your mind.

It was just you and Gilbert, becoming one and nothing could destroy this moment.

“Ah...! F-Fuck, Gilbert! Right t-there, yes!”, you cried out louder and threw your head back anew, arched your back and moved your lower body part even more and faster to keep up with Gilbert's speed.
Grinning, sweat dripped down his forehead but it wasn't only there; sweat moistened your bodies and made them sticky and slippery at the same time.

He loved it how he had the control over you, this dominance, made you begging for more and more while screaming his name, which made his cock even more stiff and harder if this was even possible.
Still he couldn't help but admire how beautiful you looked this way:
Flushed face, wide opened mouth, boobs bouncing up and down with every trust, the soft hair spread on the bed and face, framing everything in a perfect way and sweat covering your silk-like skin.

So lovely but yet hot and sexy at the same time.

“Ngh, [Name]...!”, he hissed lustfully and his face crunched in enjoyableness when your already tight wall pressed against his dick even more and sent him a wave of pleasure through his veins, shuddering and moaning was the result.
He felt that you were reaching your limit but he wasn't any better; the vein of his member was throbbing like fury.

A part of you wanted it to never end, to be one with him, having him in you, those feeling and the way he made you melt in his arms but the other one wanted to reach the edge together with him, to feel the ultimate wave of emotions and feelings at the same time; a memory if you could name it like this.

Your screams and moans were getting louder, the sound of the clapping skin-on-skin contact and the cracking of the bed's legs was surely heard downstairs but none of you gave a fuck about it.

Suddenly his hands lifted your body up, brought you on his level with still your legs over his shoulder, so you wrapped your arms as good as you could around his neck and he heaved you up, only to let you bounce down on his dick again [6].
Every single trust hit your G-spot, made you even more crazier than you already were and you thought that you would run out of air any moment, so difficult was the breathing right now.

But then there was it. This feeling of the incoming wave of the orgasm was so near!

“G-Gilbert~! I'm-... I'm g-gonna cum!”
“S-Same here!”

Feeling the same Gilbert gave now everything and was now fully controlled by his animally instincts, only wanted to reach the finish line with you, nothing less.
The chanting of his name encourage him even more so he crashed his lips again on yours, both were bruised and red from the whole feverish kissing, slipped is tongue right in while your nipples and breast rubbed against his chest, pleasuring you both more and more till you just couldn't hold it anymore.

It was too much; with your head thrown back and curled toes, you came with the loud screaming of your lover's name and your love for him, which probably could be heard in the whole neighborhood, and mouth wide open to help you with the echoing sound.
Your inner wet walls squeezed the albino's member and sent him over the edge, yelled your name moaning as well and shot his semen right away into your core, in fact filling you up more than you could actually take and spilled his overflowing cum on the sheets along with yours.

Limply you both fell back onto the mattress but he supported himself just in time to not crush your body with his. Still inside of you he pressed his forehead against yours, sweat dropped from the tip of his nose and he interlaced his fingers again with yours, red dazed eyes meet [e/c] soft ones.
Falling to the side he kissed your knuckle and hugged you tightly into his chest, meanwhile he pulled out his member but soon regretted it when he felt how cold and different it was without your special warmth.
Whimpering not approving of the lonely and empty feeling between the thighs you hugged him as strong as you could and cuddled closer to him, while nuzzling his chest with your face.

It was peaceful, no one made a sound beside of the loud panting, no single word was spoken, the air smelled like sweat, lust and cum- just plain awesome sex.

“S-So, how w-was it...?”, Gilbert tried to catch his breath and starred at the ceiling of his room.
“Awesome...”, you admitted with a soft red on your cheeks and wanted to bury your face into his pale and porcelain-like skin but he titled your head up by the chin and planted a soft and tender kiss on your lips.
“Awesome as Me?”, he raised an eyebrow and gave a slightly cocky grin, still his cheeks tinted in a soft pink and you gave him a long hummed “Mhm~” as a respond before you finally buried your flushed face.

“Ai wuve ju, Gilverth”, you mumbled sleepily into his chest, muffled words reached his ear and caused him to snicker happily.
“Ich liebe dich auch, [Name]”, he whispered in a loving tone and stroked your beautiful and mellow hair before burring his face in it, slowly the tiredness over took him as well and after a short time he fell into a wonderful, peaceful sleep, murmured the said words into your hair in the last second before dozing of.

I love you too, [Name].
[1] – W-Was zur Hölle machst du hier?! → W-What the fuck are you doing here?!

[2] – E-Es ist nicht so w-wie's aussieht! → I-It's not w-what it looks like!

[3] – Lass mich gucken, bitte. [...] lieb' dich, Liebling → Let me look, please. […] love you, honey/ babe/ love.

[4] – Dummchen → Silly

[5] – Bereit? → Ready?

[6] – Bouncin' on my dick, bouncin' bouncin' on my dick //shot



This is my first lemon, please be gentle with your comments... But when I think 'bout it.... Nah, don't be gentle XD

I always thought that my first Lemon would be in German but nuuu, looks like I was mistaking~
But I always wanted Prussia to be my first one! :dummy:
That sounds sorta wrong //shot

Rewritten/ edited on May the 24th

Pff, I kind of have the feeling that our dear Prussia is a bit OOC, but I guess I'm just mistaking~

I was writing on this OS nonstop in these past few days, geez it took me my sleep but I couldn't help myself!
I would've been done quicker but school comes always in my way, this fucking bitch :stare:

Why do most of the people, who wrote a Lemon for the first time, always say that they feel dirty and pervy?

I'm totally okay with it, in fact I was enjoying writing this far too much. :iconpapmingplz: xD
Hey, I totally regret nothing, I'm pretty proud of my work here actually :la:

Ah~ I love being a pervert~ :iconohstopityouplz:

Lemon / Plot © KatelinLikesFeenie

You / Your vital regions © :iconbttprussiaplz:

:iconbttprussiaplz: © :iconhimaruyaplz:

Hetalia © :iconhimaruyaplz:

I hope it's not like those standard lemons where everything is repeated over and over again.
I mean; I hope it's not like this =>
=>Get undressed
=>Pleasure female
=>Maybe she gives him a blowjob
=>Having awesome orgasm
=>Maybe he asks her if she wants to marry him

I could flip some tables when I read something like that >:T
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I admit I really like lemons that have the guy masturbating and moaning about a girl he likes [the reader this time] before the actual action. I find it surprisingly hot~. Also, this lemon was well portrayed.... and Gilbert is just way too hot for his own good. 

Oh, and think if the 'lemons' we talk about would be taken literally XD ! There would be a more than a few confused people! --> "A well portrayed lemon? Lemons with masturbating males? A hot lemon? What?" 
KatelinLikesFeenie Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
It indeed is very hot. Probably the right thing to turn me on xDD
awww, YUSH. Thank you very much :D
And he really is. Dat smexy albino tho.

Hahahahah~ xDDD Oh, stahp it you xDDDD
mmbbffls Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
"Bouncin' on my dick, bouncin' bouncin' on my dick //shot"

oh, and this was beautiful.

also your grammar didn't suck and i didn't feel the urge to punch a wall while reading it.
props, yo.
major props.


because nosebleeding icons are necessary in every single comment on a lemon to exist ever. : 3
the13thnight Apr 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If I walked into gilbertdoing that it would end with me like crying and apologizing forever. But XD great job!!
Youknowho2 Mar 31, 2014  New member
Me: *reading [6]* WAIT WUT?!?!
Anyways nice
ImMorganTheSoulEater Mar 24, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
*dies of blood loss* and pregnant silence? You had to do that?
Its very long yet very interesting -////-
ElanaAK Mar 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That's amazing that you enjoyed this way too much! I completely understand that feeling of Lemon writing! But I have to say something: Orgasms before sex ruin the sex, honestly. Think about it, what sounds more realistic: foreplay > orgasm > sex > orgasm, or foreplay > sex > orgasm. It makes no sense to reach the climax before the action. Sorry about my rant, but everyone does that and I'm going to comment on all that seem this way that I read.
Omg I lover it I felt like the story was for me
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